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Trust Sharing Improvement

The ability to form working partnerships with the scientific community, institutions and companies is a critical competence for a company like IIC. Yes, we are small and the only way to achieve the reach we would like to haveis by joining hands with others.
We are involved various technologies for various industries so it we cannot post a desired partner profile here.
However, we can try to describe the way we like to work with partners and the spirit we find desirable.

Ole Skovmand @ Brabinder

Rune Bosselmann @ field testing with grower

At the core of any development partnership is a sharing of competences and a flow of information. While trust goes a long way to ensure this we recognise that such partnerships are often best supported with formal framework on top of that.
The aim of any cooperative effort is naturally improvement; of existing products or the innovation of products to bring about improvement in their field of application.

We are always curious about what goes on within the field of our activities and competencies and are therefore always open to initial discussions in this regard. Any ideas or inquiries are kindly recieved and answered. If a Non-Disclosure Agreement at this required at this early stage we naturally comply to continuing wohtin such framework.

If the parties come to a specific idea or a crop of ideas we want to pursue to commercial or scientific end we may continue under a joint development agreement or an agreement that outlines rights and use of the results. This is all context based.

Intelligent Insect Control can team up with partners in many different ways for different purposes;

To add our technology to your product

To do basic research in an area where this will bring about improvement according to our mission.

Because our technologies compliment eachother, and the possiblities are worth exploring

Because you need access to our network or vice versa...

The possibilities are endless. Let's talk about it.

Intelligent Insect Control