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Market leading PE LLIN

Netprotect® represents the latest technological development in the field of mosquito nets incorporated with an insecticide.

The net has been developed to address every known shortcoming of LLIN's at the time of its conception. From these parameters, IIC has developed an LLIN that is

  • More durable - due to strong monofilament PE thread and weave. See CITEVE study here

  • Longer chemical lifetime - due to sustained, slow release from the true incorporation of the PE thread (vs weaker coating technology)

  • Longer physical lifetime - the strong monofilament PE fibers have been proven more resistant to use.

  • UV protection added - Netprotect® can withstand the normal drying practices of users

  • Better hygiene - the smooth single fiber PE thread does not allow dirt to accummulate as with polyester LLIN's

In summary, the performance on these parameters makes Netprotect® the market leading LLIN that provides a maximum protection for the longest period of time. In combination with a low cost Netprotect is also the most feasible choice of LLIN¨s for a vector borne diseases campaign.

Latest reports from field studies conducted by independent, recognized researchers support that PE nets incorporated with insecticide provides longer protection than coated nets (polyester) and thereby yields better results in terms of malaria incidence reduction as well as lower cost of campaigns (at equal coverage rates - ref RBM)

All inquiries regarding Netprotect® should be directed at Bestnet A/S




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