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Intelligent Insect Control
Intelligent Insect Control
an approach to insect control that integrates best of technology and understanding of insect behaviour to achieve lasting results while improving human and environmental aspects.

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Intelligent Insect Control was founded on the idea that insect control in human health and agricultural context should always be carried out to acchieve maximum, sustainable effect while having minimal negative impact on the environment.

According to this maxim we aim at creating solutions that may be based on biological agents, low toxic synthetic chemicals applied intelligently or even non-toxic means such as specially designed barriers. In addition we bring many years of knowledge and research of insect behaviour to ensure that the solution design will deliver targeted and optimal results.

While we work on ensuring that insect control in agriculture and human health can be done effective in a manner that does not compromise the enviroment we are also keenly aware that any project should be feasible from economic and socio-economic perspectives.



Thanks to the assistance of FEDER/ APT  IIC is ready to undertake the leading role in a European research consortium that will bring about new technologies to increase the competiveness of European horticultural productions and at the same time reduce environmental stress and public exposure to pesticides.
Intelligent Insect Control